Jerry leaving Fire Island Pines for
the last time, October 1994
Jerry under a fern tree in San
Francisco, 1986
Jerry with his stepmother
Miriam (Mimi) Olanoff
Jerry (second from left) with the
National Gay Task Force
Jerry when Ron first met him in
Jerry with his niece Dana about 1975
Jerry in Sequoia
Nat'l Park, 1986
Jerry in San Diego, 1986
Jerry and friend at the Gay Center's First Annual
Caribbean Party, Fire Island Pines, July 1988
Jerry in a Bamboo Grove
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Jerry as a teenager
Jerry on vacation from Yale
Jerry with his father Marty
Jerry with his father Marty
Jerry at Yale. (Photo by David Dunlap)
Jerry at his birthday party with
Ron behind. Early 1990s.
(Watercolor by Ron Csuha, 1996